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Machismo: The macho in a Mexican man

Hispanic people smell so good. What are they using?

Black and Mexican children

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Marriage to an illegal or undocumented person without papers

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Mexican husband working out of town

You found out he was married. Now what?

Mexican men like for their woman to keep the house spotless!!

Oh, The Drama....

Dirty Looks: interracial couples dealing with dirty looks when out in public.

Mexican men leaving their wives back home in Mexico but cheating with American women. Did you find out if this is the case for you?

Real Couples

Black woman married to a Mexican husband: Jennifer and George Puente


Mexican Soul food: The Blaxican Food Truck

Mexican husband eating Cuban food

My personal Mexican and Soul food recipes: Mexi-soul

Fried chicken and salsa verde

Hot Dogs and Beans with Chorizo (Perros Calientes y Frijoles con Chorizo)

Mexican food and acid reflux

Mexican Dinner Last Sunday: Entomatadas/Enchiladas and Bistec a la Mexicana

Chile Rellenos and chocolate: big mistake

Can't cook Mexican food or Latino food

Mexican Husband: Lunch and dinner Ideas (ideas para lonche y cena)




Making your Puerto Rican boyfriend or your Puerto Rican husband food

Puerto Rican Breakfast: Funche or Avena de Maiz (cornmeal cereal)

Puerto Rican Breakfast: Avena, Farina



Interracial relationship problems: how do you handle them?

"No one prepares you for marriage. Marriage is hard enough, let alone being involved in an interracial relationship."

Interracial marriage and relationships are difficult for the above reason. I believe most people---especially women, go into marriage with the idea that she has married her knight in shining armor. Rarely is this true, or at least, in the way that one would imagine. Every marriage and relationship has its share of problems. And I'm not really talking about big problems or relationship deal-breakers like infidelity, domestic abuse, lying, cheating etc.

If you have those sort of behaviors going on in the relationship or marriage, then it's probably time to end it. Aside from that, living with another adult is difficult period, even in regular marriages or relationships between normal, healthy people there are going to be times when your husband or wife gets on your nerves. What I find interesting is that so many of these relationships are ending in murder or murder-suicide.

Do you know that I researched 3 or 4 cases just this week involving married couples or couples living together who have been murdered? Two were Mexican and Black couples. In writing about several crime cases, it saddens me to see perfectly normal-looking couples on the front page of the newspaper with the headlines "Husband kills whole family in murder-suicide." I often look at the couples and ask myself, how can a person go from being completely in love to completely destroying their entire family?

But as I think about it, I realize that the answer is simple: You don't know who you have married. Or, you had no idea what it was going to be like living with someone who is going to push your buttons and drive you completely insane at times. In most normal relationships, couples realize how much they love one another and are able to bounce back, or they are able to refrain from doing something incredibly stupid.

For example ladies, when you are stressed about a situation and your husband is lying on the couch, laughing and enjoying his game as if the financial disaster didn't just happen? At that precise moment, you want to literally take his face and.....,,,,,,,well, you get the point.

Now, here is an added layer of tension: you are in an interracial marriage. You are married to someone of a totally different culture, and so are they. You come from two completely different worlds, and those worlds sometimes clash between Mexican and Black couples or Hispanic and African American couples.

The key, most likely, is understanding and accepting that your cultures are different, and that you are not going to agree on everything--all the time. Sometimes a pleasant reminder is all that is needed. "I'm not Mexican or Hispanic." Or---"No soy Americano o Afro-Americano." Or perhaps, just understanding that in other cultures they handle and react to things differently. When you start feeling that frustration and that tension building. Walk away...That's right. Just walk a-w-a-y.

By the way, did you know that after you remove yourself from an argument or disagreement that it only takes several moments of complete quiet to calm you down? Too bad so many of the couples we see in the news don't adhere to this small but valuable fact. The next time you are at the brink of losing your temper, stop talking, walk away, and either leave the house, walk outside or enter another room and be completely still and quiet for several agonizing minutes. Soon, the anger will be lifted and your family will still be alive and in tact.

What is it like dating/marrying a Hispanic or Latino?

Here is a lovely married Black and Mexican couple. They are the same color....almost but self-identify as a light-skinned African American woman and a Mexican man.

The purpose of this site is to document what it is like dating a Hispanic, dating a Latino, or dating a Mexican. The discussion will also include what it is like to be married to a Hispanic, a Latino, or a Mexican.

Included too, are some anecdotal experiences of what it is like dating other Latino or Hispanic nationalities, such as Puerto Rican, Costa Rican, Cuban, Honduran, Salvadorian etc.

I post the information as I get it.  Both White and Black Americans have been very open and up front with me about their experiences. I will also share some of my own.

The purpose is NOT to tear down anyone or any group in particular. But to give you a bird's-eye view of what it is like just in case you are considering making a Hispanic or a Latino person your next boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

Every single culture has a different way of doing things, even though we are all men and women. For example, dating a Mexican or a marring a Hispanic is going to be completely different from dating or marrying an Egyptian, or an Asian, or an American or an African just is.

Hopefully, you will see the information in that light.

Black woman married to a Mexican: Jennifer and George Puente

Meet married Black and Mexican couple Jennifer and George Puente. Jennifer Puente is an LPN and her husband is a carpenter. I was curious to know how she met her Mexican man. Here's what she had to say...

Black woman married to a Mexican man: Jennifer Puente and George Puente (photo: courtesy of Jennifer Puente)

"I met my husband, George, eleven and a half years ago at a car wash! I walked up to him and told him I had been hearing about "George the Mexican" with the hydraulic car and had to see for myself. I gave him an up and down look---and walked away. He quit washing his car to ask for my name and phone number, and we have been together every since. I love spending time with him watching sports. We are Tennessee fans in every sport!"

Black woman Mexican man: Tabitha and Oscar Ortega

Meet Tabitha and Oscar Ortega, a cute interracial couple from Georgia.Tabitha is African American and her husband, Oscar, is Mexican.

Black and Mexican couple Tabitha Danielle Ortega and Oscar Ortega. (Photo: provided by Tabitha Ortega)

"He is from Oaxaca, Mexico. I met my husband at school. The year I met him was 2004. I enjoy just about everything about being in my marriage with my (Mexican) husband. This relationship is something different that I haven't had before, and it's awesome, kind of different!! I love making tacos for him. My brother-in-law asked him one time, "Where did u buy them tacos from?" and he said to him, "My wife made them."

Dirty Looks Interracial Couples

I live in a state that has not been too accepting of interracial couples in the past. I must say that it is getting a lot better. My husband is Mexican so I have at times experienced different reactions depending on the particular location. Generally we don't have much of a problem at all. However, entering a Mexican restaurant at times can be quite...well, uncomfortable. I don't mean the modern commercial types of Mexican restaurants, but the REAL Mexican restaurants where only Spanish is spoken and where the local Mexicans actually eat. In the real Mexican restaurants we get LOTS of looks...not really dirty, but curious. For that reason the Mexican husband and I find it a lot more comfortable to eat in Mexican restaurants that are more mainstream because it seems that no one really cares, especially in mainstream restaurants like Guadalajara's (Mexican) or Sabor Latino (Peruvian) that are used to seeing American patrons.

 On the other hand, I've gotten letters from many women who are getting a lot of dirty looks. I guess it depends on the area in which you live. One person told me that she gets dirtier looks from more Mexican American and Puerto Rican women when she is with her Latino man more than any other type. But, it goes both ways. I have a lot of my Hispanic girlfriends who tell me that they get a lot of dirty looks from Black women when they are out with their Black men. The experiences seem to be different for everyone. So how would you handle dirty looks? I guess the short answer for me is to look straight ahead or to focus the attention on your spouse instead of the "others". When you keep the focus on one another this builds confidence amongst the two of you which makes for a much more enjoyable time where ever you go.

Black Woman Mexican Man photos

Mexican husband-Black wife: Here is a photo of me and Teo.

Black woman and Mexican man
I will add some more pics that have been sent to me by other couples. I have a ton of them. It's great connecting with other Black and Mexican couples.

I think most of the time, if you see a Mexican man dating or marrying a woman outside of his race or ethnic background, it is mostly Mexican men and White women, which is great, too.

In larger cities, you definitely see more Black/Mexican relationships or couples. Even here in the South, in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, there are many Black women with Mexican men.

Send me some of your pics....

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